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OptionsSpeedFeeBest For
Zelle®通常在几分钟内1NoSplitting costs and sharing money with family and friends2
Apple Pay在几分钟内No在商店和网上快速支付
Bill Pay最多3个工作日(电子)
在你的帕特尔科账户之间在几分钟内,通常是瞬间No在你自己的 Patelco accounts
电汇如果在太平洋时间下午1点之前,则同日(工作日)外向:20美元 3 (国内)

输入:10美元 3 (国内)


  • We’ve made it easier to transfer money with another Patelco member.

    1. 登录到 Patelco在线 从平板电脑或台式电脑
    2. 从主菜单中选择 Transfer & Pay
    3. Select Transfers
    4. If the other member’s account is not available under To Account, select +添加账号
    5. Select 把钱寄给另一个Patelco Credit会员
    6. Follow the instructions provided – you will need the other member’s Last Name,成员编号(在 帐号 部分), Share ID
    7. Provide a Nickname 并选择 Save

    Transferring money between your own Patelco accounts is easy. 只需登录 Patelco在线 并选择 Transfer & Pay 从主菜单中,然后选择 Transfers.

    Transferring money between your Patelco account and another bank or credit union is now faster. You can initiate the transfer either at Patelco or at your other institution.
    Log in to Patelco在线 并选择 Transfer & Pay 从主菜单中,然后选择 Transfers. 如果您的外部帐户没有出现在 从账户 or To Account, select +添加账号 and follow the instructions to add your external account.

    Making a one-time or recurring bill payment online is most convenient with our Bill Pay transfer option.
    了解更多关于 Bill Pay.

    To send or receive money from family or friends, you can use Zelle®苹果支付或谷歌支付.

    For larger payment amounts, you may want to consider a wire transfer. 此时此刻, Patelco supports incoming 电汇 (from domestic or international banks) and outgoing 电汇 to domestic banks.

    • 了解更多关于电汇 

    Some independent contractors may accept (and even prefer) quick transfers over cash, 你可以和泽勒一起做®苹果支付或谷歌支付.

    Need to send a quick payment to a friend or family member? Zelle®苹果支付或谷歌支付 are fast, easy ways to do that.

    如果你购买的是大宗商品, like a down payment on a new home or buying a car, 电汇可能是最好的选择.

把钱转到另一个Patelco会员 from your account

登录或注册 Patelco在线 在平板电脑或台式电脑上选择 Transfer & Pay 从主菜单中,然后选择 Transfers. If you have not linked this other account to your account, you’ll need to select +添加账号 and then follow the instructions provided – you will need the other member’s Last Name,成员编号(在 帐号 部分), Share ID.

  • 几分钟内发送
  • 可在 Patelco在线™ 的HELP部分下 Transfers 功能
  • Available at online banking and the 手机应用程序
  • No fee
登录Patelco在线™ 把钱转到另一个Patelco会员 from your account
Zelle® makes it easy to send and receive money from friends and family

With an email address or US mobile phone number, 你几乎可以给任何你认识的人汇款, 不管他们在哪里存钱.1

给泽勒保险付款® 只给你认识的人寄钱.

  • 通常在几分钟内发送1
  • To review your available sending limit, sign in to online banking, go to the 用Zelle寄钱® under Transfer & Pay,并选择 Send, then Limits (if you haven’t registered yet, you’ll need to register first)
  • 对你的收入没有限制
  • Available in online banking and the 手机应用程序
  • No fees1
Bill Pay is an easy way to pay your bills online with complete confidence

Control when and how your bills are paid online. All it takes is a few simple steps and a minimum balance of $25 in your checking account.

  • 通常在3个工作日内交货
  • 限制可在Patelco在线 under the Help 部分 Bill Pay 功能-登录网上银行,选择 Transfer & Pay and then Bill Pay
  • Available at online banking and the 手机应用程序
  • No fees
  • Watch this 简短的演示 学习如何注册“账单支付”
登录Patelco在线™ Bill Pay is an easy way to pay your bills online with complete confidence
Make a transfer between your Patelco accounts and another bank

Easily move money between your accounts at Patelco and another bank or credit union.

  • Typically delivered within 2-3 business days
  • 可在 Patelco在线under the Help 部分 Transfers 网上银行的特点
  • Available in online banking and the 手机应用程序
  • No fees
  • Learn how to set up your external bank account in this short and interactive 一步一步的演示

Wire transfers let you send or receive large amounts within the US

Wire transfers are a secure way to send or receive money from another bank, person or company. They’re commonly used for large purchases, such as a down payment on a home.

  • Funds will be sent from Patelco accounts the same day, if the transfer request is made before 1pm on weekdays
  • Outgoing wire fee: $20; incoming wire fee: $10. 都放弃了 家庭成员.
  • 直接提交您的请求 Patelco在线™ (导航到 Transfer & Pay, then 电汇)或浏览 本地分支. 

Learn how to submit a wire transfer in this short 一步一步的演示.

Domestic incoming 电汇 to Patelco accounts should be directed as follows:

都柏林,CA 94568

Include the following information for incoming transfers:

  • ABA/路由号:321076470
  • Member’s full name (as it appears on Patelco statements)
  • 会员的完整帐号. 找到你的账号 Patelco在线 通过选择 帐户详细信息 tab of the account you want to use to receive the transfer.
International 电汇 allow you to receive larger amounts of money from outside the US

A secure way to send money to or receive money from another bank, 在另一个国家的个人或公司.

  • 传入的转移审查我们的 国际进线说明
  • 即将离任的转移: Patelco does not offer international outgoing 电汇 at this time.

使用电汇表格时, remember to use the correct account number formats to ensure proper delivery.

支票帐户, Money Market accounts and Health 储蓄账户 (HSAs), the proper account number format is 14 digits long, 从746开始. Your account number can be found at the bottom of your check, 或者点击你的账户 Patelco在线™ 然后选择 帐户详细信息 tab.


Zelle® 和Zelle®-related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

1 US checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled consumers typically occur in minutes and generally do not incur transaction fees.

2 In order to send payment requests or split payment requests to a US mobile number, the mobile number must already be enrolled with Zelle®.

3 放弃对 家庭的承诺 members.


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